1, Jose Medrano vs Joel Kasik

Rd. 1 Joel with some nice kicks to the body and legs. Landing a nice push to Jose head. Jose lands a few body shots. Joel very active lots of kicks. Jose with a lot of body shots. Joel lands a Huge knee to finish out the round.

Rd.2  Jose comes out with a flurry of body shots. Joel does a good job covering up and avoiding a majority of the shots. Guys clinch with an exchange of body shots.  Jose throws Joel to the mat out of the clench. Lots of punches landing clean from both fighters.

Rd. 3 Joel with kicks Jose answers them back. Joel landing a kick to Jose’s head and punches to the body. Jose landing some solid combinations. Joel landing some knees and then thrown to the mat by Jose. Jose landing solid punches to Joels head. Jose with Big pushes, landing clean. Joel swept down once again to the mat. Gets back up ending the round strong with kicks and flurry of punches.

All Judges score the bout 29/28 Jose Medrano

2, Eric Medina vs Mike Cantrell mma

Rd.1 Mike landing a lot of shots and knees to Eric. Mike taking Eric down holding him in a head lock. Eric slips out on top. Mike able to stand up fighters exchange knees. Mike gives Big knee to Eric eric goes down, Mike throwing lots of punches but ref doesn’t stop the fight. Eric has mike in a arm bar.  Mike slips out. ending round on top.

Rd. 2  Dr called in for Erics eye. Having issues seeing. Called the fight.

Mike wins

Mike wins due to injury first round TKO


3, Thomas Mealer vs Kit Ruddock

Rd.1 Tom landing some kicks  early in the round while Kit grabs a kick sweeps Tomto the mat.  Kit landing some punches to Thomas head clean. Thomas keeps kit at distance with push kicks Kit landing several body and blows to the head. Thomas with some knees in clinch. Kit hook to uppercut, good strong combos. Thomas taking several shots to the head. Thomas lands a solid front leg kick. Ends in clinch Kit landing several more punches to head and body.

Rd.2 Kit hitting Thomas in the head ending it with a hard kick to the body. Kit giving tom some huge body shots. Kit with a kick to the body. Thomas is swept to the mat hard taking his time getting up. Kit with a hook Thomas answers with a big knee and punch to the head. Kit sends Thomas to the mat with a knock down and ref counts to 8. Tom and Kit active in the clinch ending round with knees

Rd.3  Thomas misses a big leg kick, Kit is able to get in some huge shots to the head. Big right hands left leg kick by Kit. Tom with a push kick and kick to kits front leg. Kit landing more punches body head. Thomas with few kicks to lower leg all checked. Kit landing a kick to the body Thomas goes down. Gets a 8 count. Round ends when he stands

All judges score the fight 30/25 Kit Ruddok

4, Eric Torres vs Erik Castro

Rd.1 Castro lands first with some kicks and punches pushing Torres back. Both fighters punching and using push kicks, Torres landing big leg kick to body,  with some knees to follow. Right kick by Castro followed by a  solid over right hand by Castro. Torres landing shot to head. Cinch with some punches. Castro landing some solid punches and kick. Ending in clinch both fighters active.

Rd.2 Castro landing first kick. Bother fighters trade Push kicks and low kicks. Torres catches Castro kick and sweeps. Castro lands a big body kick. Solid pushes kicks by Castro. Body shot by Castro pushing Torres back allowing Castro to land huge shot to the head. Castro ends round with two hard leg kicks to Torres.

Rd.3 Castro with hard punch combos. Torres attacks with kicks,  Solid right hand from Castro. Punch to knee combo from Castro. Torres with great body kick. Clinch few knees both fighters active.  Push kick and punches by Castro. Torres swept by castro with back leg kick. Clinch gets broke apart. Torres solid right.Another trip to torres with back leg kick by Castro.

Judges 29/28 30/27 Erik Castro

Erik wins fight 29/28 judge A 30/27 judges b and c

5, Bret Cesak vs Brandon Arrington mma

Both fighters with a flurry of punches Bret with some knees to the body and punches to the head. Brandon takes a knee to the body. Bret throwing big head shots. Brandon with some knees and a sweep. Side mount on Bret, giving knees to the body on the ground to Bret. Brandon on top. Trying for an Americana. Bret taking few shots to the body.

Rd.2  Bret with several punches landing end in clinch. Brandon with a knee. Bret has brandon against the ropes. trying for a takedown. Bret goes to knee Brandon with a knee. Gets back up to go back down with Bret ending on Brandons back trying for rear nakid choke. Brandon holding Bret on his back several min. Ref stands them back up, Fighters go down Brandon on top. Brandon giving a left knee to Bret.  Several knees from Brandon. Bret trying to get up. Ending round several punches by Brandon.

Rd.3  Brandon out of the gate with punches. Knees by Brandon looking for a take down. Bret pushing Brandon against the ropes. Brandon picks bret up and slams him. Gains full mount. working some punches from top. Bret trying to get out from underneath Brandon holding position on top. Brandon with few punches to the body. Bret gets top position. Landing punches holding brandon down to the mat now. Bret stands while brandon ads round bring for a triangle.

Judges score the fight 30/27 Brandon Arrington

6 Daniel House vs James Richards

House push kick James setting up a big right hand. James big knee to Houses body. James landing big punches. House throwing some leg kicks. James answering with kicks of his own. House misses big left kick James lands shots to body and head. House throws good left leg. House body shot to james solid left punch to the head of James.

Rd.2 James punches House covers up, House big kick to the body, Right kick to body by House. James knocks House to the mat. House lands a big right hand to the head of James. Right leg kick by House. James with a upper cut. House big right left to james head. House landing several shots to the head. Body kick by House. Ending round with both fighters exchanging leg kicks.

Rd.3 James with leg kicks early in the round but House retaliates with hard kick to the body. Both fighters throwing a flurry of punches. Solid shots to the head from both fighters. House lands a big body kick, James landing punches to body, House landing head shots, James acts like another shot to groin but ref sys no. Fighters punch in clinch. Ending fight with several punches to the head of both fighters.

Judges score the fight 29/28 30/27 winner unanimous decision Daniel House


7, Lj Jones vs Jerrad Batten

Rd,1 Jerrad lands right kick Lj sends Jerrad to the mat with a hard cross. Batten never able to find his range as LJ pressures Batten and lands another hard Right sending batten back to the mat, Ref counts to 10 puts a stop to the fight.

LJ Jones wins first round 1:47 KO

8, Dexter “Bolo” Carthon vs Kevin Brooks

Rd. 1 Kevin with the first hit front leg kick.Bolo with a right kick. both fighters throwing some solid punches. Bolo with a leg kick. Bolo with another kick to leg and punches to Kevins head. Push kick by Bolo, bolo doing a good job at keeping Brooks back. Kevin with a front left kick Bolo right back with left leg. Bolo several left punches to the head. Bolo left right hook with a hard right kick. Kevin throws elbow misses bolo ending the round.

Rd.2  Bolo with some punches Kevin starts to open up throws a hard left leg kick. Bolo with solid jabs pushing forward. Kevin throws inside kick hits Bolo in the groin by. Bolo solid jab,  push kick by Bolo keeping Kevin at distance. Kevin big right leg kick. More kicks by Kevin, Right knee by Kevin to Bolos body, two right legs by key putting bolo in the corner throwing some elbows from Kevin. Bolo goes down from some hard body shots from Kevin in the corner. Ending the round strong.

Rd.3 both fighters sizing each other up with jabs. Bolo with inside leg kick. Kevin solid shot to Bolos head. Left right by Kevin bolo goes down from several knees in the corner.

Kevin Brooks wins the fight second round KO

9, George Hickman vs Shane Crenshaw mma

Rd.1  George left leg kick. Hard left leg george. Left again by George. Fighters go down George gets the top position. George throwing some punches. George stands Shane hard up kick to George landing solid to the head. Shane throws some rights from underneath. Shane trys for arm bar. George evades submission,  throws  few body shots. Some right elbows by George both exchanging punches Shane still working for position. Right hooks by George,  working left hook now. Another right elbow landing clean. George working with hits to body and head. Shane trying to stay active from bottom. George ending the round with some hits to body and head.

Rd.2 Big right by Shane, good knee to the body of George. Fighters go to the mat. Shane getting shots in from underneath. George trying for side guard   George tries for  side chock but Shane works out of it.  George drops multiple elbow from up top. Both fighters throwing some punches, Right elbow by George, George lets shane stand up. George shoots for a take down Shane works to clinch. George continues to work the take down. Elbow by George lands solid. Shane grinds short elbows into the forehead of Hickman.

Rd. 3  Left kick by George landing clean. Shane throws a knee. George takes shane down gets top position. Shane gets his legs over g shoulders going for  a triangle. George hitting shane with some left hooks to the body, Slips out. Both fighters throwing punches on the ground. Staying active. Shane elbow from bottom. Shane tries for a Kimora  George works out of danger. George works for side guard. Round ends with Hickman in dominant position with both fighters woking close range shots.


Judges score the fight George Hickman  29/28 30/27 unanimous decision George Hickman




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